Selling Your Business?

Our Expert Partners Can Help You Make The Right Decision

We have partnered with an organization that specializes in companies just like yours. They will market your company directly to a broad range of targeted buyers, always maintaining total confidentiality and controlling all access to your information. No other M&A firm will create a demand for your company like this. Moreover, increased demand means a higher sales price for you.


The more buyers you go to, the more bids you’re going to get, the higher the price, the better the fit.

Our partner has developed a proprietary database of 4,500 private equity groups and 350,000 strategic companies that quickly identify the greatest number of buyers. They create a buyer list that contains 7,000 – 10,000 strategic and financial buyers globally. Having a limited list of buyers could eliminate those who could be attracted to your company’s set of competitive advantages, growing market share, or valuable backlog. With offices throughout the world, our partner is uniquely situated to get you great offers and find the best deal for your situation.

Business Sale Marketing Done Right

More Buyers

More Bids

Higher Price

Better Fit


Experts Work Together On Every Deal

Marketing has proprietary access to 4,500 private equity groups and 350,000 strategic companies which results in the greatest number of buyers

Underwriting moves quickly in order to reduce any potential negative surprises

Closing team establishes the closing date upfront using an innovative 150 day timeline driven auction


Minimum of 60 buyers receive offering memorandum per deal

75% of the time we sell our client’s business to a buyer they did not know

Seller workshop gives clients more insight into what buyers are looking for


Free value assessment

Solution for medium to large companies $5 million to $250 million+ in revenue

Solution for smaller businesses under $5 million


Frequently Asked Questions

1What happens if I decide to sell?

Keep the business running in the right direction while the sale process is ongoing. The number one deal killer is declining sales. An advisor will walk you through all the steps of the sale process.

2 How do I get the highest price?

Our partner can give you a value range early on in the process. Highest price is received by aggressively marketing your business to groups of buyers.

3What can prevent a deal from closing?

The main reason is a decline in sales. Another reason that deals don’t happen are material surprises that pop up during due diligence. If there is anything that is material, then it should be disclosed to prevent any issues during the closing process.

4When is the right time to sell?

The best time to sell is when the business is growing and on an upswing. Timing this perfectly with a business you inherited can be difficult. Our partner can help advise you during the process.