Need Financing For Your Inherited Business?

Our Partner Can Help Get Your Business Funded


We Can Help With Business Financing

If you have inherited a small business as part of the estate, you may be unsure of how to proceed. If you are concerned about having enough cash to continue the business in the short-term, we can provide resources to help with a variety of small business financing needs.

We can help you explore your financial options, review your options with an expert, and get your business funded.

Our Partner Can Help With:

Unsecured Lines of Credit

Revenue Based Advance

Production Financing

Business Lines of Credit

Inventory Financing

Purchase Order Financing

Equipment Financing

A/R Factoring

Agency Loans

Bridge Financing

Hard Money

Contractor Credit Lines

Our Partner Can Fund Your Business

We have partnered with a group of well-capitalized finance experts dedicated to helping businesses succeed. Since 2014, Rainstar Capital Group has provided expertise and innovative working capital solutions. Our partner is dedicated to building long-term relationships and not just transactions.

RCG provides clients with advisory debt capital through its multiple lending platforms with over 250 registered lenders.


Working Capital

Credit lines, term loans & MCA's

$10k up to $100m

Pay off other debts

Buy inventory

Purchase Order Funding

$100k up to $50m

Advances up to 90% of PO

Buy inventory

Fulfill orders

Equipment Funding

$10k up to $100m

400+ credit score required

2 years in business

Quick liquidity

Commercial RE Funding

$100k up to $100m

Purchase, refi and construction

Up to 90% LTV

Hotels, office, retail etc.

Transportation Financing

10% - 50% down payment financing

Vehicles can have up 900k miles

Special terms for fleet owners

Start-ups accepted

Cash Credit Line

$20k up to $150k

Perfect for small business owners

$100k annual revenue required

660 minimum credit score

Frequently Asked Questions

1Why not just use my bank?

If you have a great track record, credit score, and strong revenues, then you should try to use a bank. Clients typically use Rainstar in addition to their bank. Many times businesses run into issues with traditional financing due to collateral, cash flow, or credit.

2How long does it typically take to fund small business deals?

It can be done in as fast as 4 hours. Typically 24-72 hours. Some products take a maximum of 4-6 weeks.

3When can a borrower get more financing?

Companies are given funding based on revenues, value of account receivables, equipment, and commercial real estate. Once your revenues change, you will be able to obtain more financing.

4 How to speed up financing?

It is critical to have all your ducks in a row and your documentation ready to go. Typical documents are tax returns, P&L’s, bank statements, and so on.